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New products

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.003ppm for complete filter ABAC V90, 8102843045 ALUP V90, 8102843045 CECCATO V15, 8102829143 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC V90, 8102843045 CREYSSENSAC V90, 8102843045 MAUGUIERE V15, 8102829143 QUINCY QAF50   

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.01µ for complete filter  ABAC C90, 8102842781, D90, 8102842914 ALUP C90, 8102842781, D90, 8102842914 CECCATO C15, 8102828889, D15, 8102829010 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC C90, 8102842781, D90, 8102842914 CREYSSENSAC C90, 8102842781, D90, 8102842914 MAUGUIERE C15, 8102828889, D15, 8102829010 QUINCY QCF50 

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.1µ for complete filter ABAC G90, 8102842526, S90, 8102842658 ALUP G90, 8102842526, S90, 8102842658 CECCATO G15, 8102828624, S15, 8102827196 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC G90, 8102842526, S90, 8102842658 CREYSSENSAC G90, 8102842526, S90, 8102842658 MAUGUIERE G15, 8102828624, S15, 8102827196 QUINCY QMF50   

  • Air compressed cartridge 1µ for complete filter ABAC P90, 8102842393 ALUP P90, 8102842393 CECCATO P15, 8102828491 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC P90, 8102842393 CREYSSENSAC P90, 8102842393 MAUGUIERE P15, 8102828491 QUINCY QPF50  

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.003ppm for complete filter ABAC V45, 8102843037 ALUP V45, 8102843037 CECCATO V7, 8102829135 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC V45, 8102843037 CREYSSENSAC V45, 8102843037 MAUGUIERE V7, 8102829135 QUINCY QAF25  

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.01µ for complete filter ABAC C45, 8102842773, D45, 8102842906 ALUP C45, 8102842773, D45, 8102842906 CECCATO C7, 8102828871, D7, 8102829002 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC C45, 8102842773, D45, 8102842906 CREYSSENSAC C45, 8102842773, D45, 8102842906 MAUGUIERE C7, 8102828871, D7, 8102829002 QUINCY QCF25 

  • Air compressed cartridge 0.1µ for complete filter  ABAC G45, 8102842518, S45, 8102842641 ALUP G45, 8102842518, S45, 8102842641 CECCATO G7, 8102828616, S7, 8102826749 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC G45, 8102842518, S45, 8102842641 CREYSSENSAC G45, 8102842518, S45, 8102842641 MAUGUIERE G7, 8102828616, S7, 8102826749 QUINCY QMF25 

  • Air compressed cartridge 1µ for complete filter  ABAC P45, 8102842385 ALUP P45, 8102842385 CECCATO P7, 8102828483 CHICAGO PNEUMATIC P45, 8102842385 CREYSSENSAC P45, 8102842385 MAUGUIERE P7, 8102828483 QUINCY QPF25 

Adaptable filters, what does it mean?

We are supplying oil filters, air filters, water filters... that can replace branded filter elements with the same features and quality.

The term "adaptable" means that the filter elements can be used in the same place as filter elements supplied by known makes. These makes and their references are simply given as an indication for the user. In any case, it doesn't mean that the "adaptable" filter elements are manufactured by the referredmakes to which we are not associated.

The filter elements are sold under the manufacturer's cross-references of whom we are distributor and with their guarantee.